Before proceeding to my photo galleries, we must first address a very touchy subject.

Image theft has become a widespread problem for professional photographers, especially for those of us who photograph equestrian events. In the age of the internet and growing popularity of social media, digital images are an important part of my product line, as much or more so than photographic prints. I offer extremely reasonably priced digital images, both low resolution (sized for web use) and high quality (suitable for printing). These sales are critical to my bottom line. Therefore copying by any means, including but not limited to downloading, screen saving, capturing by cell phone, scanning, and posting links to individual images without permission is prohibited and considered theft. An example of this would be screen saving an image and posting it on Facebook, or any other social networking site.

Copying in any manner, including but not limited to those listed above, is an agreement to purchase these images at the full price posted on my website.

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